Friday, March 03, 2006

Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000

I shall call him... WnLM6K. The mini-me of WLM6K. It's great to have the wireless reciver attach to the mouse when not in use. The buttons are hard and stiff to click for a reason, that is the mouse will get smushed with all the other crap I stuff in my laptop bag. The wheel of my Intellimouse Explorer get smushed and is hard to scroll which made the mouse impractical to use when I bring my laptop around. The wheel on the WnLM6K is "slippery." There's absolutely no friction and you can accidently scroll if your arm gets in the way of the mouse. The laser tracking is fine... just got used to WLM6K's laser tracking.

One problem is the mouse's magnify button is my "big" mouse's small thumb button which equates to FORWARD in the browser. Of course I could set the magnify button to BACK, but when I use the big mouse again and when I want to go FORWARD, I actually go BACK so I have change the intellipoint settings again. It's annoying, yes, perhaps a macro might make things easier.

The mouse is not practical for everyday use, more situated for take your laptop to school, work, travel.

My Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 looks cute together with my Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 though I get the notebook mouse in the laptop bag when not in use.