Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The World Ends With You and your iPod touch

Hmm... "The World Ends With You: Solo Remix" (iPhone version) running on a third generation iPod touch. I suspect it was meant to run all iOS devices running 4.3 or higher originally. Due to amount of memory the game consumes, those devices with 256MB of RAM would run out and crash so that was why the iPod 4th generation and iPad 1st generation were cut out at release (despite them sharing the same A4 chip as the iPhone 4). So if the third gen iPod can run, then an iPhone 3GS could run this as well. Not officially, of course. Fun.

I don't think anyone considered this old non-retina third gen iPod touch to run the game at all.

Peak RAM usage of TWEWY (iPhone ver.) is about 140MB. Free RAM on an iPod touch after a reboot is around 100-120MB so it is guaranteed to crash. Swell.

And the ZAGG Invisibleshield is peeling off.