Monday, March 27, 2006

scrap104 & scrapstyle

Both usernames are interchanable. scrap104 and scraptyle both exist. Both exist on AIM though 104 is used. Both are used in Gmail though 104 is used. -style is used on digg. 104 is pretty much by default and -style is used at my discretion. 104 and style suffixes have arbitrary origins. scrap103 sounds awful but scrap104 seems to be ok. 104 can be pronounces in a variety of ways though -style is well... style. Scrapalist is derived from something, however. Take Federal and alist and you get the Federalist papers. Likewise, take Scrap and alist and scrapalist is formed. Scrapstyle... the if and if only if of scrap104. Scrapstyle this and scrapstyle that. I don't know how scrapstyle styles with scrap104. Hum. How scraptastic is that? Whyever.

Dear god I'm tired.