Sunday, July 30, 2006

DS Lite Status

Recieved 7/6/2006.
Battery charges as of 7/30/2006: 3.01

Monday, July 24, 2006

DS Lite Battery Status

Recieved 7/6/2006.
Battery charges as of 7/25/2006: 2

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

DS Lite #2

Recieved 7/6/2006.
Battery charges as of 7/18/2006: 1.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

DS Lite Ramblings

I got my DS lite early June and was fine with it. I didn't like the original DS to begin with and wasn't interested with the launch games. The style is what drew me on the Lite. That and New Super Mario Bros. I oblivous to the better brightness, etc. compared to the original. The first two days of having the DS lite was moot. I got a Lite and no DS games to play with. I had Final Fantasy 4 filling slot 2 for the meantime. From going to a 1st gen GBA-SP to DS Lite... my eyes. The screen was BRIGHT and CRISP. Then I got NSMB. Great game. Took exactly 1 week to beat the game, another week go reach 100%. After that I got Brain Age. Great DS game. I am now proficient with basic math problems. Helpful for my math major. Time lapse game is aggravating.

Then the DS lite hardware acted funny. After 40 hours of NSMB, the Y+B buttons messed with the power of the DS Lite. Press Y+B and instant off. This never happened with the GBA-SP with A+B on Super Mario Advance 4. Then I called Nintendo and put the 12 month warranty into use on my not so 1 month old DS Lite. Since I was practically done with NSMB before the problem occured and since Brain Age is the only other DS game that only uses the stylus as input, the Y+B problem isn't problematic. I use Y+B now to shut off the DS quicker rather than flicking the side power flicker.