Monday, March 27, 2006

Bear with Me

Borrowed from my defunct Xanga site
Black Bear yelled in Little Klondike's ear and called him Iceberg. Little Klondike pushed Black Bear off the roof. Paws pushed Little Klondike off the roof. Black Bear went back up the roof and spilled honey on the roof. Klondike went off the roof and the brown bears had a party on the roof while the polar bears did nothing.

Now the continuation

Though the brown bears had a good time on the roof, they did not bother to clean up the mess they have made. Eventually ants and other insects started to swarm all over the roof. The brown bears ignored it. Fed up, the polar bears kicked the brown bears off the roof. The brown dog mopped the roof. Eventually the brown bears apologized and went up on the roof with the polar bears. Black Bear was on the ground because there was no more room left to sit. Poor Black Bear.