Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sickness 2009

After dodging the bugs during December & January, it finally got me on the month of February. Although close moments, no vomiting this time. Futurama watched: 20+ episodes, 3 movies.

Thursday: Freezing cold, tiredness
Friday: Icky throat, tiredness, start of headache, shivering
Saturday: Fever (100°F), major headache, loss of appetite, difficulty sleep, dizziness, minor runny nose, weakness
Sunday: Fever (101°F) that went down, minor headache, icky throat, minor runny nose, hours of heavy coughing
Monday: No Fever (97°F), icky throat with thick yellow mucous when spit out
Tuesday: No Fever (98°F), icky throat, runny/very watery nose, headache in background, burning eyes
Wednesday: Slightly icky throat, sinus, runny watery nose, violent headache, difficulty sleep due to headache and external factors

Sickness 2008:
Day 1: Icky throat

Day 2: Severe headache
High fever
Muscle pain
Loss of appetite
Violent coughing
Difficulity sleeping

Day 3: Headache that eventually went down
Coughing with mucous

Day 4: Headache

Day 5: Runny watery nose
Some coughing

Day 6: Some Coughing
Minimal runny nose

Sickness 2006:
phase 1: icky throat, tiredness, headache
phase 2: runny nose, minor headache
phase 3: minor coughing, runny nose
phase 4: coughing coughing, runny nose