Saturday, October 04, 2008

Stuck iPod Center Button

I noticed the iPod's center button was stuck. It was "sunk" into the clickwheel. It didn't make a click but the button worked if I pushed down hard. That was unacceptable and my thumbs were hurting. I was a concerned as the 5.5G iPod Video was woefully out of warranty and do not want to shell out ~$20-75 for a repair. The screen, battery, hard drive, clickwheel were perfectly fine. Just that damn single center button.

It all had to do with a misaligned piece of rubber. Now I have an excuse to pry open the iPod.

1. Open the iPod and expose underneath the clickwheel
2. Move the little rubber piece to the center of the metal contact
3. Put everything back to normal and close iPod

The center button works fine now. The process took less than 10 minutes.

Well, I guess don't have to choose between a 120 GB 6G iPod Classic, 16 GB 4G iPod Nano, or 16 GB 2G iPod Touch just yet. Until the LCD or hard disk fails...

Keep on, Maple.