Saturday, December 02, 2006

Old Vauge Reference ... started July 2003

Being the nomadic person that I was, I made a proposition to myself. Either I find a place to settle into or end my very existince. There was a town nearby which a center to towns to go to. So I found a usable town to go to. An awkward experience at first, being that everyone else knew each other I did not. As I was settling in, I noticed an area of the town, a recreational part. An awkward place it was, sight of chaos everywhere. One of the activites was to take a hammer and whack an anvil. He or she couldn't whack it again until someone else did. Kind of pointless. So I used the anvil and gave it one whack. So I left and explored other parts of the town. Another part of town, I observed a place where a question would be answered by anybody. One question that caught my attention was a land based beast versus an aquatic one. I hesited to answer and finally gave my input.
So then I wonder if there is something else. So, when I was really settled in, I left. No warning given. An so it was for two weeks of not ever seeing that place. Thoughts lingered in returning, there ware no intentin of permanently leaving; just the thought of when to come back, or what to say was the concern. I then returned though only a one day stay. Disapointing was that there wasn't that much of a change as I would expect. Now I await to see what is there to expect a week later.